Registry First Aid Platinum Current Release

The current release of Registry First Aid Platinum is 11.0.0

Version 11.X is a FREE upgrade for registered users of version 10.X that purchased after May 1, 2016. Just download from one of the links above and install right over your previous installation. Then click here to have your new version 11.x code emailed to you.

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(+) a feature is added
(*) a feature is improved/changed
(-) a bug is fixed

New in version 11.0.0

* new interface, new icons;
* new splash and install pictures;
+ Manage Registry: new plugin: "Pop-up Menu Commands" that allows to add/remove items in the right mouse click pop-up menu for "Desktop", "My Computer", "Directory", "Drive", "Compressed Folder", Any file (*) and any file types registered by it's extension;
+ new grouping added: by correction type; refresh on F5 if some corrections were changed by user;
+ pop-up menu is added to the left-side groups listview; it allows to make mass selections of entries in a group - in a category, in a safety level, filtered group, etc.;
* the "Home" screen now shows numbers of found and corrected entries in a recent session, not just in a last scan. Session may include several cycles: scan->fix->back->scan->fix->back in one run of RFA;
* Office 365 keys are moved from high risk list to the default excluded list;
* Invalid Uninstall Records category: unknown keys and unknown non-empty values are marked as of medium safety (risk) level;
* InvalidActiveX/COM References category: detect keys that do not have any of required values and have no subkeys;
* Invalid File Associations category: detect invalid entries that may prevent from running executable files such as .exe, .bat, .cmd;
* Invalid File Associations category: now more registry entries are scanned;
* Invalid Uninstall Records category: improved scanning that detects keys without required values; unused subkeys; invalid value types;
* setup now will not ask for Start Menu group where to save shortcuts;
* on uninstall it now will not ask user if to delete backup folder: it will just open backup folder in file explorer and suggest to review files and delete them manually;
* always set selection checkbox for an entry if it's correction was changed manually, regardless of risk level;
* Registry Restore from .reg Files: save and read dates of .reg backup file creation/restore in digital format that is not depending on user locale settings, old human-readable format for previously created backups is still supported when reading files;
+ Registry Restore from .reg Files: search in .reg files now works in "full tree" mode also;
+ Invalid ActiveXCOM category: wow6432 nodes are added: \Software\Wow6432Node\Classes\CLSID\ and \Software\Classes\Wow6432Node\CLSID\; that nodes may contain not only just a copy of \Software\Classes\CLSID\;
+ a notification about finishing any long operation is shown at the taskbar notification area if the application is not active;
- bugfix: selection checkbox was not set when user manually set the same correction that was already selected (except "leave as is");
- bugfix: an error may appear in the Settings dialog on editing an excluded registry key;
- bugfix: if the program was started with the "/autoscan" command line parameter and from simple user account, then the "Restart as Administrator" dialog will not appear;
- bugfix in Auto-Start Programs category: file references without path and extension like "MsiExec /I{00010419-78E1-11D2-B60F-006097C998E7}" may appear incorrectly found as invalid;
- a small bug fixed in checking correction results for entries - sometimes some entries may be successfuly corrected but reported as "failed to modify";
- bugfix: in representing file sizes a comma was used as thousands separator, not user locale settings;
- bugfix: progress indicator was not shown at the program taskbar button;
- bugfix: on resize or after cancelling maximize window the treeview controls may became invisible;
- bugfix: Registry Snapshots: access violation on reading snapshots without comment (comment was left empty in the dialog);
- bugfix: the Settings dialog initial position was at the first system screen, now the initial position is at the same monitor as the main program window;
- bugfix: custom pop-up dialogs interrupted user's work with other applications while the program is running at the background. - some minor bugs fixed;