From: Preston Sniher C.E.T. - Alberta, Canada
To: reg1_support
Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2003 1:32 AM
Subject: Comment for Registry First Aid People


Registry First Aid finds registry anomalies that Norton System Works and Reg Cleaner cannot! It also tells me what the nature of the problem for each invalid entry it finds. This is VERY valuable information to those of us who are not computer experts but still want to keep our registries trouble free.

Myself, I am somewhat of a computer "janitor". I know enough about computers to help most of my friends keep their machines running faster and trouble free. I have a short list of software that I tell my friends is MANDATORY if they want to keep their computer running as smoothly as mine does.

Registry First Aid is now first on that list!

Excellent work! The modest price means there is no excuse for not having this program. After showing the IT professionals at my work the power of this program, they now encourage their clients to purchase this software. Imagine that! These IT professionals would not risk their client's sensitive data unless they were totally confident this product was safe to use. This product is the best value software available on the entire internet! I will be a Registry First Aid customer from now on.

Preston Sniher
Engineering Technologist
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

P.S. Feel free to use this e-mail as you see fit. I want others to benefit from this software too.